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Time to deliver that baby!


Preparation.   Some prep time for our lives events are easy and welcomed, while other times are hard, heartbreaking, tedious, and often seems impossible.  Regardless of how we learn our lessons, the best results come once we have completed what is necessary to become who we were truly meant to be.  The question then becomes, how long do this process of preparation take.

Often I speak with young people and I ask them, “What are your goals after high school?” Many times they do not have a clue what they want to do, if they want to go to college, trade school or military.  Or, they may have dreams, that based on their behavior, study habits, and current preparation in high school, they are not in position of obtaining.  Yes, there are things we learned in high school that we may never use, but the process of learning and studying is a skill that should always be treasured.  If I can only get them to recognize the value of receiving an education, whether as a life lesson or to utilize later, then they would understand the importance of it and how to apply what they have learned in everyday life.

This reminds me of the young Esther. I’m sure fear and uncertainty often gripped this young girl, but the strength God put in her kept her going.  The preparation she went through as a young girl was only to help one-day place her where God intended her to be.  Her background as an orphan did not determine her future as a Queen.  Likewise, for you my sisters.  No matter where you come from or your background, your life lessons, or should I say, your prep time, has prepared you “for such a time as this.”

So go out my Sisters and sow your seeds.  It is time to launch out and be the Queens God intended you to be.  No more waddling in your sorrow, hurts, fears, or pains of the past, and yes the present.  Stop holding on to what hurt you and birth what God has put in you.   Stand for God and tell your story.  Rejoice in the right now and know, all you have gone through is for God’s glory.  It’s time to deliver that baby.

Interruptions or God?

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It was early in the morning and I’m sleeping like a baby when suddenly, I hear this loud noise next to me.  It’s my husband’s phone, he is strolling through Facebook.  The loud, obnoxious sound from ads and videos playing as though I’m not trying to sleep, had awaken me from my peaceful and well deserved rest.

Oh baby, did I wake you? I’m sorry.”

I turn over and within what seemed to be a few minutes, I hear the television.  It loudly flick from one channel to the next, from talking, to music, to audiences’ laughter. Really? Can’t he see I’m trying to sleep here?  Just because he’s awake doesn’t mean I want to get up.

I begin to toss and turn, seemingly unnoticed by him.  I take my pillow, and with a loud sigh, cover my head.  Finally, my husband casually turns around and says, “Is the TV too loud? My bad.”

Why do I feel he asked with a smirk on his face?  I eventually fall back to sleep only to be awaked by a knock on my door.  Before I can respond, my husband yells for them to come in.  In bounces my daughter with a big smile on her face and singing, “Good morning parents.  Mom, can I either use your car or get a ride to work?  I need  to leave now because I have to meet someone soon.”

My husband and my daughter look at me.  I think in my mind, “Okay Lord, I’m awake.” I smile and shake my head as my husband tells my daughter to take his car and he would get it later.  My daughter leaves and my husband turns off the TV, rolls over and falls asleep.

Now, at this point I am awake.  My husband is asleep, his phone and the television are turned off, and my daughter has left. I just lie there with this silly grin on my face waiting on God.  It is so peaceful now and I love it. Okay Lord, you have my attention, it’s just you and me. There is always a reason for everything.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I lied still and began to pray.  I told God that he had my complete attention.  What was so nice was the peace and quiet I was now experiencing compared to the noise that had interrupted my sleep moments earlier.  That same noise, that seemed to be such a disturbance, ushered to a place of peace.  Oh, blessed quietness.

As I prayed and waited for the Spirit to lead and reveal to me what I was to know and do, I got it.  So often we have distractions in our lives that annoy us to the limits of no return, but all distractions are not really distractions.  Sometimes God is trying to get our attention, and  He knows how and when to do so.  He knew my husband would fall asleep, the noise would stop, my daughter would leave, and I would be awake.  God already knew that I would eventually calm down and get it.  He knew that I would eventually get that He was trying to get my attention and I would lie in my bed and pray.  God is teaching me patience.

This situation makes me think of 1 Samuel 3:1-10 when the child Samuel was sleeping and he heard his named called.  The Lord woke Samuel out of his sleep three times before the boy answered by telling the Lord to speak because he was listening. God had to get his attention so Samuel would hear Him.

How many times have God tried to get your attention but you were either too busy, too afraid, or simply, did not answer his call?  What interruptions keep occurring in your life that you have not figured out its purpose.  Quiet your noise and tell God to speak, because you are ready to listen.  He is waiting to hear from you.

Love Deeply!