You are not alone

Just sitting in the backyard one morning observing Gods awesomeness when I noticed some dead leaves hanging awkwardly on a branch in a tree. It was so noticeable, surrounded by all the other healthy green leaves. There was no way it could camouflage because it simply did not fit. The dead, existing amongst the living, trying desperately to blend in and hold its place . Just there, barely hanging on, but if for just one strong wind. One jolt from a bird or squirrel. One shift from a living, stronger, growing branch can make this lifeless branch tumble to the ground, never to exist again.

This made me think of so many people I have met or talked to over time who were barely holding on. Living day by day on, what they perceived as, their last. Their last hope. Their last dime. Their last chance at living. Hopelessly clinging on with little avail. But God!

Sometimes people just need to know someone cares. Sometimes they need an ear to listen, not so much words of advice. Sometimes people need encouragement, or even a compliment or appreciation. Sometimes people need to know, God cares.

These messages, especially the latter, can sometimes be difficult to convey when your talking to a broken soul, someone who is barely holding on. But it is vital to let hurting people know, unlike the dead branch that was existing among the living, they are just in a dormant state. God is preparing them for a rejuvenating period. A period of new life. A period of growth and replenishment. Encourage rest. Encourage taking time for meditation and prayer. Suggest positive reading or listening material. God’s Word is always good. Suggest they take a walk. And by all means, encourage them to talk to someone when needed.

Sisters, you are not alone. There is a whole community of loving, healthy and encouraging minds that are willing and able to listen, encourage, and pray for you. All you have to do is just reach out.

“I’ll refresh tired bodies; I’ll restore tired souls.”

Jeremiah 31:25 MSG

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  1. Tracie · July 8, 2021

    This was an awesome analogy. Love it thank you


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