Time to deliver that baby! https://mypoaww.com/2019/04/16/time-to-deliver-that-baby

Time to deliver that baby!


Preparation.   Some prep time for our lives events are easy and welcomed, while other times are hard, heartbreaking, tedious, and often seems impossible.  Regardless of how we learn our lessons, the best results come once we have completed what is necessary to become who we were truly meant to be.  The question then becomes, how long do this process of preparation take.

Often I speak with young people and I ask them, “What are your goals after high school?” Many times they do not have a clue what they want to do, if they want to go to college, trade school or military.  Or, they may have dreams, that based on their behavior, study habits, and current preparation in high school, they are not in position of obtaining.  Yes, there are things we learned in high school that we may never use, but the process of learning and studying is a skill that should always be treasured.  If I can only get them to recognize the value of receiving an education, whether as a life lesson or to utilize later, then they would understand the importance of it and how to apply what they have learned in everyday life.

This reminds me of the young Esther. I’m sure fear and uncertainty often gripped this young girl, but the strength God put in her kept her going.  The preparation she went through as a young girl was only to help one-day place her where God intended her to be.  Her background as an orphan did not determine her future as a Queen.  Likewise, for you my sisters.  No matter where you come from or your background, your life lessons, or should I say, your prep time, has prepared you “for such a time as this.”

So go out my Sisters and sow your seeds.  It is time to launch out and be the Queens God intended you to be.  No more waddling in your sorrow, hurts, fears, or pains of the past, and yes the present.  Stop holding on to what hurt you and birth what God has put in you.   Stand for God and tell your story.  Rejoice in the right now and know, all you have gone through is for God’s glory.  It’s time to deliver that baby.

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